I've made lots of attempts at describing myself for an About Me. I've thought about the right wording for search engines. I've considered what you already know about me. I've thought about how much of me to give and how much to preserve. I've picked it up, one last time, with the final decision made: I'm going to be authentic. I'm going to speak to you as your friend, because I'm sure that's where we'll end up. 

Yes, it's my job, but it's also my passion. 

When I first picked up a camera, it was with a heavy heart. I'd lost my first son, Jaidon, and at a loss for the next steps, I went to work. I kept a routine, I worked at a commercial photography studio, and took in all of the small bits of joy that I could find. Those small bits of joy were often felt in the short few minutes corporate allowed me to have in a photography session. Even though I was constrained by rules, I marveled in the beauty of our time together. Time moved more slowly in those moments. A shared, loving glance between parents. First steps. New babies. Updating me on the new things going on beyond the camera room. I genuinely looked forward to what felt like reunions when they'd return. And they always returned. I noticed that without telling my story, my customers could feel the emotions transferred in my photography. They were grateful and so was I. The memories that I captured, the times that we shared in the camera room became part of OUR story. While preserving their memories, they enhanced mine. We grew, together. Those first few years of customers will never really know what they did for me. 

They allowed me the gift of their family. A gift that I will never take for granted. 

Fast forward to now, my heart has been nurtured and given space to heal by my two newest loves, Lennox and Nadia. Here in Newtown, Connecticut, my husband and I have found our roots. Whether it's in your home, my open air, barn studio, or another scenic location here in scenic Connecticut I'm eager to show you the light that is YOU and your life! I recognize the importance of time and every special occasion that it lends to us. We're on this journey together. 


With all my love, 
Kori Andrea 
Portrait Photographer, Mother, Wife, Friend ♥️